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Ristoranti Verdi Bedlington


Ristoranti Verdi Bedlington

Ristoranti Verdi Bedlington
Ristoranti Verdi Bedlington menu
What is your favorite pizza takeaway food? Is it the pizza with origins from Italy or Miami? You can find these and many other kinds of pizzas on our menu. We even have a Verdi special pizza with various toppings. All the pizzas are made to perfection with a nice crunchy crust and toppings that are prepared perfectly. When you feel like eating pizza, just talk to us. But pizza is not all we have on our menu. There is so much more! We have various kinds of pollos including the pepe and botte. When planning dinner, start off with an appetizing starter like the fungi trifolati. Be sure to try the Napoli or carbonara pasta and you will love how great the food tastes. Combine either of this with Sirloin steak or any other of our grilled meats and you will be left licking your fingers. Alternatively, eat the Tuna Steak special if you love fish. Side order options include chips, mushrooms and mixed salad. Finish up with a sweet dessert and you will be happy that you met us. You can also order for a drink of choice if you wish. On our menu, you will find everything that you want and need.
About Ristoranti Verdi Bedlington menu

Ristoranti Verdi is a pizza takeaway that serves tasty pizza and other Italian dishes. Whenever you need to eat tasty food, you should get it from us. Why? Our foods are made in a hygienic environment by people who are passionate about cooking. Our chefs ensure that each meal is prepared perfectly. Our staff members are polite and friendly. They will talk to you nicely when you give us a call and welcome you cordially when you come to the restaurant. The whole environment is also peaceful and welcoming. With great food, good people and a welcoming environment, we are considered the restaurant of choice by many.

Ristoranti Verdi Bedlington restaurant
We are located at 3 Vulcan Place, Bedlington, NE22 5DN and serve all the people of Bedlington. We are considered as one of the best restaurants in the area and that is not without reason. The welcoming environment, tasty food and friendly staff are among the main reasons why people consider this the best place to eat at. You can come to us to have your food on our premise or pick it up for eating at home. Even when you do not have time to come to us, you can still enjoy our food. Simply use our app to make an order and we will bring the food to you. You can find the Ristoranti Verdi app among the many apps on App Store and Google Store. With it on your phone, you can view the menu and order at any time. Whenever you order, we will process your order fast and get the food to you as fast as possible.